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Marinated Flank Steak with Lemon Arugula and Feta Salad

"You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine"

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1:38 AM
It’s not you anymore. I’m convinced

1:39 AM
I know because I got blind drunk four nights ago and didn’t even think to call you.

1:40 AM
I drunk texted a different boy with different eyes and a different smile and a different agenda and he’s different from you. So different and good and kind

1:41 AM
I should love him, he is ten times the person you are

1:42 AM
But why do I not feel ten times the fire for him that I felt for you?

1:43 AM
I had a dream about you the other night and I don’t remember what it was about but I remember waking up scared and angry

1:44 AM
I’m always scared and angry when it comes to you. You left me like that the night you told me you didn’t love me anymore

1:45 AM
I still wonder if you ever did and I still wonder why you would lie if you didn’t

1:46 AM
Why are you staying in my dreams and my late night thoughts months after we’ve ended when you couldn’t even stay when I needed you most?

1:47 AM
You could have stayed but you didn’t. You wouldn’t.

1:48 AM
You gave me the illusion that you wanted to

1:49 AM
You were all lies.

1:50 AM
I feel nothing

1:51 AM
I am completely numb, I am empty, I feel like a blunt edge, I feel blurry

1:52 AM
I need someone to need me. God, I just need a person

1:53 AM
Being alone is sharp and painful

1:54 AM
I wish it was raining so the sound of water beating against my window could keep me company

1:55 AM
It’s silent except for the clicking noise of my ceiling fan

1:56 AM
I just want someone to sleep next to me

1:57 AM
I just want someone to want me

2:00 AM
Why am I crying?



Thoughts per minute #3

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"If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal."

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Remember me..


it’s gotten to the stage where i’m actually procrastinating watching tv shows and movies that i actually wanna see and if that isn’t true laziness idk what is

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